"We did the 64 mile ride and it was absolutely wonderful. Well marked route, great rest stops everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The Orange cookies with the glaze were my favorite treat and the meal afterwards was incredible. Can't wait to come back next year for the ride." Teresa Ladrach


"Best bike tour in central Ohio. Friendly people, flat roads, the quiet countryside, and great food makes for a fantastic combination." Lee Dhuyvetter


"I started riding the Hot Tamale in 1998 and loved it. This year was my 14th Hot Tamale. It is one of the tours that I always put on my yearly riding agenda. Congratulations to everyone involved in putting this ride together. Thanks!" --C. Van Meter


"This was just my 2nd Hot Tamale Tour and I loved it...It is a scenic ride with 500 kindred souls! I am hoping to ride it every year! Awesome job all the great volunteers." Derek Janson


"The time of year, the routes, the food stops, and the people make this my favorite tour of the year." Brent Smith

"Such a fun early season ride! The wind was giving us a hard time, but we persevered and had a great time on the Hot Tamale Ride!" - Shannon Mangrum


"A terrific ride with gentle terrain, rivers to cross, and good food. "


"Thanks for remembering Ed Miller. He was a special friend to bicycling in Ohio."


"This is my third Hot Tamale in a row. It is very well organized. I enjoy it and will be back next year!" Ron Thorpe


"Well done all around will tell friends what a excellent and well run ride you have along with the cookies and strawberries."


"Have been riding it for 15 years and always look forward to it. Keep up the good work!"


"I love it. It's the best organized tour that I go on each year."


"I started riding the Hot Tamale in 1998 when I was 55 years of age. I have always enjoyed this tour and plan to continue riding it as long as I am able."


"Actually VERY GOOD! Loved that the pictures were put up so quickly after the ride! It's fun to see yourself along the way."


"I was nervous about my first solo ride but with good road markings and a good map, I was able to complete the course and not get lost! "


"Well organized and well marked."


"I thought it was a lovely ride although the wind was brutal (not that you could do anything about the wind)."


"I really like this ride for a first ride of the season. It offers plenty of options. I like the 16 miles. It is not too far to ride. "

Quotes from 2012 Riders