Ed Lux bicycles in northern Florida.

Why Do They Ride?

By Dan Sheridan

Originally Published in Marion Star April 19, 2009


Ask a bicyclist why they ride, and you'll get a glimpse into their heart.


Marsha Carr says that bicycling together is the best thing that she and her husband David have done for their
relationship and their health. The Carrs, of Marion, are often seen on local bicycle club rides, and often serve
as ride leaders for the bike club
's Saturday morning rides. “We started riding March 2001, at age 54.” said


“We tried walking, but it really bothered my feet and we did not enjoy it. We decided to try biking and we
both loved it. We started very slow and just rode on trails, but the following year we joined the Heart of Ohio
Tailwinds Bicycle Club and haven
't stopped.”


The Carrs progressed to multi-day adventures, such as the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure and the Greene
Trails Cycling Classic. However, they were not always so fit. According to Marsha, “I couldn
't ride five
miles without thinking I was going to die. I guess we
've come a long way.”


“David and I ride for the exercise, socializing and it is something we both enjoying doing together. We also
like the great company.”


Stephanie Langley of Morral bicycles for exercise, and to spend time outdoors with family and friends doing
something that she loves.


“I started cycling in high school where I rode distance rides to raise money for different organizations.” said
Langley. “I rode during college because having a car in Athens, Ohio is not an easy task. I quit riding for a
number of years but took it up again seriously three years ago when I decided to ride my first Tour of the
Scioto River Valley.”


Langley's advice to a new rider would be “Be patient. Keep at it. Find a group of people who share the same
goals and enthusiasm.”


Ed Lux, Marion, also rides for exercise, adding “I like the feeling of going faster under my own power and
with less effort than I could on my own. I also like being outside in the fresh air enjoying the natural world.”
's all about the journey. I like to stop at interesting places along the way.” Some of his favorite stops are
historical sites, natural areas, diners, and dairy bars.


Lux continued “I've always ridden since I was a kid. Charlie Evers invited me to try the weekly club rides,
and then I tried the Popcorn 100. That was about 25 years ago.” Lux would advise a new rider “Try the bike
trails, and also find someone to ride with, such as a bike club.”


Ken Johnson, of Bellville, Ohio started bicycling when he retired from his job. Johnson explains “Everyone
is aware of the energy crisis that we face. I like to think that I
'm doing more than my share by using my
bicycles to do everyday errands. Not only does it save fossil fuel, it is the reason I am so healthy at age of


“When I hook up my bike trailer and haul recyclables to the bin, take items to homebound neighbors, or pick
up groceries, I don
't eat more than I would if not cycling. Thus, it costs nothing for fuel.”

Alice Piacentini, who lives near Prospect, resumed bicycling after enjoying the bicycles at the YMCA 
during a spinning class. She set a goal of riding the Popcorn 100 bicycle tour, and began riding outside
to train for the tour.

Piacentini convinced a few friends to join her, and said “We found that we really enjoyed the 25 to 30 mile
rides, with an occasional 30 to 40 mile ride. We loved the time outside with no distractions from the phone,
TV, or whatever. We found that we could talk and ride and enjoy the time together.”

Piacentini advises new riders “What I hear a lot of in spinning class with new riders is the
'seat discomfort'
issue, but this passes in a few weeks as your bottom gets used to riding


“Start with short rides and build up. The toughest part for me is always the first couple of miles. Make sure
that you have a bike that fits you properly, as this can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are on
the bike.”

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Ed Lux rides in northern Florida during the 2006 Florida Safari Bicycle Tour (Photo by Dan Sheridan)