What's the terrain like? Generally flat, with a few small rises.


Can I register on the day of the ride? Yes. If you register in advance, you will save money and can order a shirt. You'll also help us to plan. Many cyclists find that they are more motivated to do a ride if they sign up in advance.


Can I get shirts on the day of the ride? We usually order a few extra shirts, so that there will be some available on the day of the ride. To be sure that you get a shirt, it's smart to order in advance.


Why do you call it the HOT Tamale? It's short for “Heart of Ohio Tailwinds Tour Around Marion At Low Elevation”


What do I get for my money? Maps, great food, a support vehicle, arrows on the road, and some wonderful smiling faces.


What if it rains? Early June is usually a beautiful time of year in Ohio, but the ride goes rain or shine. There is no “rain date”. We use the pre-registration fees to buy food, reserve shelters, and rent porta-potties, so we cannot offer refunds.


The cookies! Tell me about the cookies! Our famous homemade cookies are a rider favorite. These are donated by club members. In fact, some of the riders even bring homemade cookies along! By popular demand, we've posted the recipe for Marsha's famous orange cookies.


Do I really have to wear a helmet? Most definitely. Our insurance requires it.


Where can I stay overnight in the area? There are a number of hotels at the corner of Rt. 23 and Rt. 95, as well as several nice bed and breakfasts in the area. Camping is available at Delaware State Park, 10 miles from Waldo. The Hideaway Inn, near Bucyrus, is another good choice.


How do I get to the ride start? How far is Waldo from Columbus? Click here for a map. Waldo is about 35 miles north of Columbus.


Can I start earlier than 8:00, or later than 9:00? Yes, but you might arrive at the food stops before food is available, or after it's gone. The support vehicles will not be on the road before 8:00, and may not be available for riders who start very late. Please be considerate of our wonderful volunteers, who are putting in a long day so that you can have fun.


It's my first ride. How far should I go? An adult in decent shape can comfortably do the 16 mile ride. Some young children can do 16 miles, while 8 miles may be more realistic for others. The 32 mile ride is a good distance for those who have done some training rides, while the 64 mile route is great for experienced cyclists.


Is it a race? No, it's a tour. Most riders relax and take their time, enjoying the sights and the beautiful countryside.


Where does the profit go? Most of the money left after expenses is donated to help build bicycle trails in Marion County. The remainder helps to support club activities, our community, and bicycling in Ohio.

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Hot Tamale Frequently Asked Questions

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