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Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2016 Hot Tamale Tour . Everyone seemed to have a great time. Mark your calendars now for the next Hot Tamale Tour, on June 3, 2017.


See pictures of the 2016 ride on the Hot Tamale Tour Facebook page, even if you are not on Facebook.

Recreational Trail Update! (June, 2016) Thanks in part to your generous support, the Marion Tallgrass Trail is now paved for 7.3 miles and an additional 3 miles will be added this summer. The Marion County Park District has applied for an additional grant to hopefully finish the 12.4 mile trail in 2017.

Please consider
donating to this worthy cause. Tax-deductible
donations can be mailed to Prairie Parks Foundation, PO box 651,
Marion, OH, 43301. For more information, see the
park district
web page.


About us: The Heart of Ohio Tailwinds Bicycle Club offers rides
for cyclists of every ability level. Join us for the Hot Tamale, a
June ride through beautiful (and flat) Ohio countryside. Come
along on our Saturday morning breakfast ride. There's something for everyone, and our dues are very reasonable. Click here to join our club or learn more about us.


Heart of Ohio Tailwinds

Read Dan Sheridan's cycling columns,
published in 2009 in the
Marion Star.

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